Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Please forgive me

Hi dblchinis

Apologies i won't b able to blog much this week, I just gotten pink in one eye aka sore eye.

I've rested for a couple of days already and I hope I can get better by then for #NAPBAS , (Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011) which is happening this fri at KL.

Please forgive me and I promised to post honest products review once I get better.

Do not get alarm if you see any entires with pink eye coz I really want to Blog for you guys thus I took some photos during my
Initial stage of sore eye while w makeup on.

To my sponsors, do give me some time especially those that involves cosmetic lenses review.

Thank u once again and I cya soon in my next blog post :)

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Friday, 2 December 2011

Camwhoring with the ring light

Hi dblchinisssssssssss

I'm sure many of u have seen this, is all over my Twitter, Facebook page
So I dun mind showing it to you again!

I'm sorrry if is too overwhelming but good pics are meant to be shared.
U get what I mean?

Anyways these pics are took with my Panasonic Lumix dMC-FX75 AND RING LIGHT
When u take pics with ring light it really saves you lotsa time editing the photos.

My significant other says this pic looks like ghost, well aside from the black background everything is awesome right!

ok one last puke induce pix.

Some of you asked what lip colour I'm wearing, is NYX Deep Red and Lancome Juicy tube lip gloss.

bye my lovely dblchinis!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Loreal L’Or limited edition color riche- Swatches

Hihi dblchinisssssss!

I was snt 5 awesome limited shades from Loreal!
Yes non other than the super moisturizing lipsticks they always carry.

I really love the moisture ans colour they brought to my lips, is like a 2 in one lip balm and lipstick.

Wait no longer, lets check out the colours!
Please forgive me if the swatches are not well done, I tired really hard to capture the best lighting!

Brick Lame 385

Colour looks super intense on the lipstick but is actually quite a subtle colour when applied onto my lips! a semi sheer colour with the tint of red.

Bronze Goddess 389

I have never tired dark coca colours before but it seems that I kinda like this because it doesn't look tooo Deep yet it has glitter that brings out the sophistication of this bronzy tone.

Nude Treasure 390

A sweet subtle pink nude tone that goes perfectly well with my skin colour!
This colour goes well with almost any eye makeup and of course the entire look.

Pink carat 383

This is a super lightweight coral tone, it just fits so well on my lip that I probably look as if I'm wearing a layer of gloss over my original lip colour.
I'm so in love with this colour, I can say this is my favourite of the lot.

Ruby Explosion 387

This is the most intense of the limited collection as it brings a huge burst of deep pink onto my lips, I love to wear this out if I'm feeling bold that day.

Thanks loreal for sending me such awesomeeeeeeee lipsticks that I can play around with!

cya next time dblchinisssss!

*I'm not paid to post this

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Updates on my Dermal Fillers

Hi all!!!

I've been wanting to post the updates for my Dermal Fillers which I've done approx a month ago(Read here) with Neuglow.

So far everything looks good, this was right after my follow up with Dr Wee.
Now my nose bridge is higher and my features look more define too!

Student outfit of the day.

The below images are how my nose bridge looks like a few days after injecting the 2nd round of fillers.

It has subside quite a bit now but is still good!


But in 6 mths time I'm gg say bye bye to that! Miss you fillers!!!

*Not paid to blog this

Monday, 28 November 2011

Welcoming Magic with iStudios this Christmas

*Paid Advert*

Hi dblchinis!!!

istudios is celebrating X'mas with everyboardy!

Thus the awesome happenings at our very own Apple Premium Reseller Stores!
Only in SINGAPORE this coming December!

I've put together this video showing one of the interesting gadgets they are selling right now.

See how interesting these things can transform your iPad/iPod/iPhone into!
Please support my Veediooooo by clicking it!

And Also a mystery band will be performing in one of the istudios store.

I will also at istudios store at Paragon on the 10th December 2011, so come on down and join me!

I will fill you in with more details next week so stay tune to my blog!

Friday, 25 November 2011

OOTD (Outfit of the day) -Bodycon dress for friend's wedding

Hi dblchinissssss!!!

Wore a bodycon dress bought from Kandykayne store located at Bugis sometime ago!

Finally got a chance to wear it for a frd wedding
This a super fitted dress so if you have a mega tummy like me, you gotta starve quite a bit to wear this!

Wore Angel necklace from My Precious Chest

This is how the outfit looks like
You can see a slight bump of my tummy, gimme 2 more years and I won't be able to fit in this no more .
Sorry had to take the pic in the loo as the lighting is much better and stronger, I'm trying my best to avoid using flash.
My laundry basket is full! time to dump these into the washing machine :)

I went for a deep dark silver/grey look but I didn't want to overwhelmed it too much as I was attending a wedding not to a club.

Nowadays I rarely shade my entire eyelid with colours, sometimes it might just look a little too messy if I shade them till my brown bone.
So I keep it simple and subtle yet intensify the colours within.

This is how it looks with flash.
totally washed out the colours.
I'll try to take pics without flash in future,
only with better lighting then u'll c less grainy pics.

O I stole a couple of masks from the venue and camwhored with it! haha!
ok la we guest are suppose to wear and keep the mask as souvenirs, I simply took a couple more!

Richie loves wearing the mask too!
Psssst~ I forced him to! poor boy...

alrighty! cya~

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Turf Club Longines Event‏

Sponsored event

Hello dblchinis!
*proceeds to sip wine*

I was invited to the Longines event last last week, so I drafted this last week so I could post it this week.

Anyways I was invited for the Longines event happening at Turf club.
Is my first time there with all the Atas people
we were told that We might get to see Aaron Kwok "♫ 愛愛愛不完~♫ 我可以天天月月年年到永遠~♫ *drama hand action*

But he never came, coz raining. go get a pair of wellington boots Mr Millionaire!

Table 31 is reserved for 'us, bloggers'

Posh and clean setting.

Oh on my right(your left) is Moonberry and my left(your right) is smith!
Everyone is so well-dressed & Moon is the best dress I say!

A toast to our friendship!
*clink clink clang*

Smith! I photoshopped you yandao-er
do you realized your mole and blemishes gone with the tools I used in my photshop app? HAHA!

With Nira Chan! I'm her No.1 fan!
She is one of the nicest loveliest bloggers around!
I swear to you shes is so friendly and pretty, hot and sexy and and...and...

A view of the turf club
see the open air sitting?
These are where the all lao uncle hangout and cow peh cow bu in hokkien when the jockey rode past.

My outfit of the day
I'm wearing a gold stripe dress with printed circles at the bottom.
I paired this complex outfit the a cream bow under the bust and a pair of beige pumps.

Check out Moon's outfit, is a shame they didn't announce her as the best dress winner.
Oh yes I have not mention that there is a contest for best glamour happening that day.
Somebody won, think is a rich shot or something.

My only solution during desperate times


The angry skies
out in the open where you can see horses stone throw away.

The gigantic teley that shows the status of the race.

Super cam photo.

buffet spread of the day.
this pic reminded me to go take the cholesterol level test soon.

Did I even mention that I was nominated for the best dress competition too?
Before one can even cast their vote for best dress, I need to take a profile pic first.
Really I look like a ba chai now, is like from lucy liu to drew barrymore *CRIES*

I'm contestant number 15
Unlucky no, never win one HAH!

took a shot with the model jockeys

Took a shot with Rebecca Tan & Irene Ang(fly Entertainment) .

Love love love the way they dress.
Maybe I'll try rocking this look someday

There are so many segments happening on the day itself & one of it is this,

custom made key chain.

We were given vouchers to place our bets, Moon gave me her coz shes uninterested.

My bet on the horses.

ok these horses are getting ready to race

U can't imagine how close I'm to these majestic creatures.

one by one, they all proceed to the race stables.

and race is about to begin

These 2 veedios shows how fast these stallions go!

These are the organizers of this successful event
Dominic and Jessie

Jessie is so sweet, she ask for a custom made name for me!
now I have 2 keychains <3

And I've made some friends at the turf club

This lady on the extreme left is totally game to dress up!
Pretty poison ivy i must say.

So I didn't win any best dress or whatsoever But I brought home goodies...

Only Best dress contestants get it!

Horse shoe is a good luck charm, hope the coming 2012 I will have lotsa awesome days, moment, times!

This horse show is majorly huge,
Look at richie's paw

awwww dont worry boy I still like mini me :)

Tea cup!
Would you like to stay for a cuppa tea?

Gold lurex embroidered cap with my Purple jammies totally ROCKS! \m/

last but not least, I wore this peacock coloured ring, I dunno if is said to bring good luck but I was hoping I could win something back!
Yea another good luck charm, The HORSESHOE!
I love it so srsly.

Here's my purple makeup an gold earrings for the day.

Thanks Turf Club, cya soon!!!

*not paid to blog this.